Our Services

Whether it’s design, fabrication, or fitting of prosthetic and orthotic devices, we do everything here on site in our downtown Cranbrook facility. We are the only CBC Board Certified clinicians in the East Kootenays.

What does that mean for you?

All services can be provided at our Cranbrook office. There is no need for you to travel out of province for treatment, or even leave the area.

What is prosthetics?

A prosthesis is an artificial limb, made to replace any body part lost through injury, disease, or a congenital condition. We’ll make every effort to ensure that your prosthesis fits not only your physical requirements but also your lifestyle, needs, habits, and goals.

What is orthotics?

An Orthosis (also called orthotic, brace) is an orthopedic device which assists and/or supports weakened or impaired joints and muscle groups. Applied to the spine, limbs, or joints, orthotic devices provide protection and support to the affected area to promote healing, build strength and improve biomechanical alignment.

Whatever your needs or situation, we’re committed to finding a solution that works best for you.

Services Offered

Lower Extremity Prosthetics

  • Transtibial (Below Knee)
  • Transfemoral (Above Knee)
  • Ankle Disarticulation (Symes)
  • Knee Disarticulation
  • Rotationplasty
  • Hip Disarticulation
  • Hemipelvectomy
  • Partial Foot

Upper Extremity Prosthetics

  • Transradial (Below Elbow)
  • Transhumeral (Above Elbow)
  • Wrist Disarticulation
  • Elbow Disarticulation
  • Shoulder Disarticulation
  • Partial Hand
  • Finger(s) (Partial)

Upper Extremity Orthotics

  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Wrist
  • Hand
  • Finger(s)

Lower Extremity Orthotics

  • Custom Foot Orthotics
  • Knee Brace/Orthosis (ACL Ligament Braces/ Osteoarthritis Braces)
  • Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) (Dropfoot Splints)
  • Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO)
  • Night Splint
  • Hip Abduction Orthosis
  • Custom Footwear
  • Shoe Raises/Modifications

Spinal Orthotics

  • Cervical Collars
  • 3 Point Extension Orthosis (Jewett)
  • Cervical Thoracic Orthosis (CTO)
  • Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis (TLSO) (Clamshell)
  • Lumbosacral Orthosis (LSO) (Lumbar Wraps/Corsets)

Orthotics Prosthetics Canada – Scope of Practice

The Scope of Practice reflects the domains of practice for CBCPO credentialed orthotic and prosthetics clinical and technical professionals in Canada. They are reflective of the respective education and the required entry-to-practice competencies for Certified Orthotists CO(c), Certified Prosthetists CP(c), Certified Prosthetists Orthotists CPO(c), Registered Technicians in Orthotics RTO(c), Registered Technicians in Prosthetics RTP(c) and Registered Technicians in Prosthetics and Orthotics RTPO(c).

Link: Orthotics Prosthetics Canada – Scopes of Practice